Inkbird INT-11P-B max temp is 205*F, not 212*F

I discovered while smoking a brisket on my first use that the thermometer goes into overtempt mode at 205*, not 212*. It’s fairly typical for me (and others) to get their brisket or pork shoulder up to about 205 and hold it there for some time to tenderize the meat more. If the probe actually went up to 212"F, it would work fine. As it sits, I’d have to open the smoker and remove the probe, and run blind. 205* seems to be a hard limit, and the case beeps loudly as well as the app showing a big warning.

Also, the INKBIRD app keeps getting killed and my phone loses connection to the case. When I open the app again, my phone has to connect to the case again, then the case takes a few minutes to connect to the probe again. I tried turning off battery optimization, and it still gets killed after a little bit. It’s fairly annoying.

I have other INKBIRD products (some room thermometers/hygrometers, as well as a couple of dual probe thermostats) and they all work fine. Does my probe issue sound like it should be a warranty issue, or are others seeing it go into panic mode at 205?

Thanks! I’m open to any ideas.

Oh, I should say what kind of phone I have-- Pixel 7 Pro running Android 14.