Will IPT-2CH display & transmit temps below 32F?

I own two ITC-308-wifi and love them! I now have need of a 2-probe wifi unit ti monitor temperatures in 2 locations in my motorehome as it is parked in the barn during the winter months.
My question is, will the IPT-2CH display and transmit temperatures in the low 20’s F? I do not need to adjust setpoint below 36F, but need to know if if can “Display & Transmit” that cold.

The IPT-2CH probe temperature measurement range is -5.0℃~50.0℃/ 23.0℉~122℉

Thank you Tanya. Is the IPT-2CH the only Inkbird product that is both Wifi & dual probe? Do I have other product choices that have both features?

If you want to control two different temperature ranges and have WIFI, sorry only the IPT-2CH has this function.