ITH-20R interval

What is the ITH-20R interval? The specs listed on the website is 10s but I see the sensor reporting only every 4 - 5 minutes.

The reading of ITH-20R is updated every 10 seconds.
Are you referring to the ITH-20R-O transmitter reading displayed by the ITH-20R-I receiver, which is updated every 4-5 minutes?
Is there an external temperature probe inserted into the ITH-20R-O transmitter? Are its built-in probe readings and external temperature probe readings updated every 4-5 minutes?
Will the readings change if they are tested in different environments?
Please understand that if they are placed in a place with relatively stable temperature and humidity, even if the reading is refreshed, there may be no change because the temperature and humidity have not changed.

I was enquiring about the ITH-20R transmitter. From your message it seems like the transmitter will transmit more often when the temperature/humidity changes more.
Is this correct?

When the temperature/humidity changes more, The fastest update interval of the transmitter is 10 seconds.
When the temperature/humidity change is small, the following situations may occur: 1. In order to save power, the transmission frequency is reduced; 2. The reading is refreshed, but the temperature and humidity do not change, so it looks like it is not refreshed.

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