IBS-TH2 - Settling time

It seems to take a look time for this device to reach temperature. Is this normal? I just installed it in my freezer last night and it took almost 40 minutes to get from room temperature to the freezers temperature.

May I know is there a big difference between room temperature and freezer temperature?
If the temperature difference is relatively large, this situation is normal. Because the sensor needs time to read the temperature. As the temperature reading approaches the actual temperature, it will slow down until the correct temperature reading is obtained.

overt 50 degrees F. How long does it take to measure a small change? I.e. door is open and the temperature goes up 3 to 4 degrees.

Sorry, the speed of temperature reading is not fixed.
If it is going from low temperature to high temperature, it will read a little faster.
If it is dropped from high temperature to low temperature, it will read a little slower.

How long should it take to read a stable temperature?

I consulted with engineers and they replied that it depends on ambient temperature and sensor exposure.
Maybe you could take it out of the freezer to test and see how the temperature reading changes?

Can you have your engineers give a little more information? If it is in the freezer and the door is left open, how long does it take to see a temperature change?

The sensor is sampled every 10 seconds. If the temperature changes, the reading will change approximately every 10 seconds until the correct temperature reading is obtained.

Thanks. I’m wondering if the mass is too large that the device will not see a temperature change in the freeze until several minutes after the door is left open?