Itc308 wifi using an Android Emulator on Windows 10

I use the ITC308 (wifi) in brewing and successfully use the InkBird app on a Samsung s21 phone. However, as the brewing is done at a different location I would like to use a remotely operated PC to monitor the device. I am reasonably familiar with using various Emulators (Nox, Bluestacks & MeMu) to monitor things like CCTV etc on the desktop and all function without any issues.
My issue with the InkBird app is that as soon as it loads it immediately crashes so you never get to the starting point to logon. Hence, I cannot provide screenshots etc.
I don’t see anything particularly unusual with the Inkbird app and as I say, the situation is identical on the 3 different Emulators.
Would welcome any advice/solutions or even things I could try.

Sorry, INKBIRD APP supports mobile phone use. The stability of the emulator cannot be guaranteed.

Thanks for your reply and yes I appreciate that the app is for smart phones but I never previously encountered any issue using emulators for a range of android apps. Hence, I have two follow up questions-

As I understand the emulator is designed to simply replicate an android environment so why would the Inkbird app be any different?
There are a lot of smart people using the app and I suspect many using also an emulator on a PC - can anyone offer any thing worth trying?
Thanks again for the support - do like my InkBird products for brewing.

Sorry, because INKBIRD app is a new app launched this year, the R&D team’s main focus is on mobile APP.
I will feed this back to them, maybe they can include it in future plans.