Inkbird App for Windows and/or Linux operating systems

I have an ITC 308-WIFI smart temperature controller. I have downloaded the Inkbird app for my Android phone, but would really like to monitor my cotroller from my Windows and/or Linux PC. Is there a Windows or Linux version of the app available?

Sorry, there is no Windows or Linux version of the INKBIRD app

I have myself to blame for not making 100% sure that the Inkbird ITC-308 WiFi was supported by a software that was available via APP and web app aswell as the possibility to create temperature programs before buying it.
It seems to me that these features should be quite basic to implement, i mean it’s 2024 and these things are fairly old school programming.
Are you underway with launching a web interface aswell as a feature for programmable temperature profiles? (I.e. 18C from date XX time XX:XX to date XX time XX:XX and 22C from date XX time XX:XX etc)


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