Inkbird App bug for ITC-308-WIFI, Temperature Unit Switch

When I have my ITC-308-WIFI set up using Fahrenheit and it’s working, and then change to Celsius in Settings > Temperature Unit Switch, the desired SV setting is lost!
For example, I was running SV at 110F (43C), changed to Celsius (for no other reason than to learn celsius better), and SV is now set at 25C, which is 77F! (Perhaps the default SV?)
Thankfully I realized in time and set my SV correctly again.
I think this needs to be fixed.

UPDATE: I now see ALL settings got set back to defaults. This is not good.

Please kindly understand that if ITC-308-WIFI switches the temperature unit, its settings will be reset. This is how it works. This is also a quick way to reset the settings.

This surprises me. Changing units on any other device I’ve ever owned has been changing the “view” not any underlying data, and that makes sense. Unintuitive side effects are frowned upon, but resetting all the settings is shocking. At a minimum a warning and confirmation should be offered. But the ideal solution would be to only change the units and a separate reset could be done with Reset button, with a warning and confirmation. Resetting the device directly with no phone app, since no hardware buttons can be added, should be a long press of a button or two, or a power on while holding a button. Though with so few settings, is anyone really asking to reset them? Why? So they can go one by one and change each setting anyway?

Sorry. This may happen when users think all settings are wrong or want to change the usage scenario so they want a quick reset.
Different people have different needs for features, it may not meet everyone’s requirements, please understand.
I will report this to the engineers as a suggestion, maybe they can consider optimizing this feature in future products.