ITC-308WIFI remote connection

Hi, is it possible to reach the controller from remote? I mean if I’m not at home can I connect to the controller via APP? Sorry but this is not clear on the product description nor on the user manual.
Thanks for the suport.

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Yes, it can.
ITC-308WIFI can connect to app via 2.4GHz wifi. After the connection is successful, please place the ITC-308WIFI within the signal range of the connected 2.4GHz wifi router. The phone can be connected to different networks/wifi for remote viewing and control.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have the same problem with the iic-800, there are no quotes in the manuals or in the descriptions of the product in the online shops about the remote control.
Maybe the manuals is not writed from tecnicians or they supposed that the readers are experts in wifi wlan… :grin:
I ask the same question; is possible for the iic-800 to control in remote with app (es in holidays) from thousand miles of distance???
what property should the router have ???