ITC-308 WiFi connection to mobile phone hot spot

Hi, I’ve received my ITC-308 WiFi and the connection with the APP via home router was fine. Now want to connect it to the network through the hotspot of my mobile phone (the goal is to use the controller in a place where I’m connected to the network via a mobile phone).
I’ve removed from the APP the device but it was not possible to reconfigure it for the use of the hotspot.
Is it a valid configuration or the network connection works only via a router?

If you want to connect ITC-308WIFI to a mobile hotspot, you need to use two mobile phones.
Mobile phone A emits a 2.4GHz hotspot, it is used as a 2.4GHz wifi router.
Mobile phone B is connected to the 2.4GHz hotspot of mobile phone A, and then paired with ITC-308WIFI.
After the connection is successful, mobile phone A needs to keep the 2.4GHz hotspot turned on, and ensure that the ITC-308WIFI is within its 2.4GHz hotspot signal range.
Mobile phone B can be used to view the data of ITC-308WIFI.
Hope this explanation is clear.

Ok clear, thanks for the clarification.