IIC 800 WIFI Connection

I am currently trying to connect my new IIC800 but I encounter some problems.

My internet connection is my own phone hotspot wifi.

When I want to connect inkbird App to the device, it asks me to connect the wifi of my phone and does not recognize my hotspot connection (it does not appeat in the list of Wifi available)
The only way to connect my IIC800 is to use the hotspot wifi of another phone and connect the Wifi of my phone with this connection, in this case it accepts to pair both devices via SmartLife_xxxx (low blink method).

It is completely unusfull, and when i disconnect from internet there is no way to reconnect, I have to delete my IIC 800 from the list in inkbird App and try to add it again.

Do you have any recommandation or solution for that problem ? Is there any way to use my phone hotspot wif as Wifi connection ?

I don’t know if i am very clear, i am not comfortable with these wifi problems

thanks for answering

Sorry, if you want to use a hotspot connection, it requires 2 mobile phones.
Please note that if the connection is successful, the mobile phone transmitting the hotspot needs to be placed next to the device and the Internet and hotspot must be turned on at all times. It will disconnect if the hotspot is off/the internet is off.
Because IIC-800-WIFI connects to the network through 2.4GHz wifi and uploads data to the cloud. It needs to stay connected to the network.

Thanks you for the answer,
It is very surprising that it requires 2 mobile phones, others equipements like pool electrolyzer or videophone accept connecting via my own hotspot wifi, it was the type of connection i expected.
My Hotspot wifi is a WEP2 personal, 2.4Ghz wifi and can pair the device if inkbird App is downloaded on another phone…incomprehensible.


Finally, I have found the way it works :
Inkbird App only needs 2 mobile phone to apair IIC 800 device with a specific hotspot.

If I want to pair my IIC 800 with my hotspot connection, I shall need another phone and connect the wifi of this phone on my hotspot connection.

After that, I do not need any other phone, as far as my hotspot wifi is on, my IIC 800 connects and I can use the downloaded Inkbird App on my phone.
I tried to turn off, unplug my IIC 800 device or disconnect my hotspot wifi as soon as my hotspot wifi is on, my IIC 800 device automatically reconnects when i turns it on, but it should be improved in term of coverage (10 meters max).

If it can help somebody…

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