How is Itc-308 wifi controlled

Im confused on how the decice is controlled. Is it through the app or on the device? What over rides what?

The ITC-308-WIFI can be set up via the app and the device’s buttons. Their data is synchronised with each other. The main function of the app is to enable remote viewing and changing of data.

The only function you can control on the device itself is the temperature setpoint. All other setttings are controlled through app - unlike the non-wifi device which is entirely controlled via the device buttons.

Maybe you are short-pressing the SET button to achieve a quick change of the target temperature?
The ITC-308-WIFI device itself can be set via the device buttons like the non-WIFI version. Please press the SET button for about 3 seconds, it will enter the setting mode, you can change the TS, HD, CD, AH, AL, PT, CA and CF settings.