ITC-308-WIFI App Showing "Heating" while Actually Cooling

I have set my ITC-308-WIFI for 48 degrees with 1 degree cooling offset, and 30 degree heating offset. current temperature is 48.7 degrees and has been falling as expected. I have my cooling system plugged into the cooling socket. On my Ink Bird app, it has been showing that the unit is “Heating”. How do I get the app to show “Cooling” when it is in cooling mode? I’ve already tried deleting and reloading the app on my phone several times.

Just to confirm, the app you are using is the INKBIRD app, not the Inkbird pro app or the Inkbird smart app?
Is it possible to provide the phone model, the ITC-308-WIFI setting values, and a screenshot of the problem?

That is correct. I am using the INKBIRD app, not the Inkbird pro or Inkbird smart app. I am using a Motorola 5G UW Ace running ANDROID 12 OS. I went to take a screenshot of the problem, but the app is now showing “Cooling” when the unit is in cooling mode. However, the app is not allowing me to adjust the “Set Temperature” while the unit is in cooling mode. I can adjust other settings, such as the low temperature alarm point.

Sorry, I just realized that my phone had been put into Airplane Mode. Please ignore my comment on not being able to adjust the “Set Temperature”.