ITC-308-WI-FI heating hysteresis granularity`

I am using an ITC-308-WI-FI controller to manage the temp of my reef aquarium. I have the temp set at 78 and the hysteresis set at 1. The ambient room temp is ~76. Due to the room temp, the actual temp in my aquarium stays at 77.1. Is there any way to control the heating hysteresis at a more granular level?

If TS=78, HD (Heating hysteresis temperature)=1, ITC-308-WIFI will control the heater to maintain 77~78.
Please understand that the ITC-308-WIFI is an on/off controller, and the heating capability depends on the heater. If the heater cannot reach the target temperature due to the room temperature when it is on, the ITC-308-WIFI will also be unable to control it to reach the target temperature. Maybe you can use another heater?

The heater is the appropriate size for my aquarium. Actually, it is a bit larger than needed. I think relocating it to a larger area in the sump might help with the ambient temp issue.

However, my question still remains. Can the HD setting be set to a more granular setting? For example can it be set to HD=.1?

Sorry, when the temperature unit is Fahrenheit, the minimum value of HD (Heating hysteresis temperature) can only be set to 1.
But if the temperature unit is Celsius, the minimum value of HD (Heating hysteresis temperature) can be set to 0.3.

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Thank you. Do you know if there are any plans to add this same level of adjustment when using Fahrenheit? Perhaps in a future software revision?

Sorry, ITC-308-WIFI is an on/off controller. Since 0.1F temperature difference is a very small deviation, it may cause the built-in relay to constantly turn on and off, which will accelerate the reduction of the relay’s life.
I will feedback it to the engineers as a suggestion, maybe they can implement this function in new models in the future.