ITC 308 failed after 2 weeks. Is it my fridge?

I have an ITC308 and an A rated fridge. The controller is about 2 weeks old and the display has stopped showing anything and the controller is not working. Ive contacted Inkbird and they are asking what wattage my fridge can draw before they replace. I have checked online and the spec plate of the fridge but cant see a maximum wattage just a total which states 130 but no units. Annual consumption is 182kW/h which ive converted to give average of 21w but this is like i say, just an average. I need to reply to Irena at Inkbird with this information before they will replace under warranty . Any suggestions would be greatly received. As a side note i bought 2 of these controllers and the other one is working fine on a second fridge so dont want to risk using it on my hotpoint fridge if it is just goint to fry the working controller as well.

Maybe you can check if there is a sticker on the fridge stating the power rating?