ITC-308-WIFI - AMP Rating of 10 AMPs

Hi There,

I am reaching out in regard to the ITC-308-WIFI.

I am looking to use it with an air-conditioned used to cool my server home lab. I’ve been looking for a smart plug to be able to turn on my air-conditioner when the temperature rises as I use the ambient air to cool my servers when possible.

My air conditioner operates at 11 AMPs sustained. I’ve tried a variety of smart plugs and I can’t find anything that are rated higher then 10 amps or can operate slightly above the rating without tripping a fuse inside. Does the smart controller trip if a device were to run sustained at 11 AMPs?

Please understand that the maximum current supported by the ITC-308-WIFI is 10 amps. If you use an 11 amps device it will damage the ITC-308-WIFI, please do not use them together.

Thanks for the info. No worries I won’t use it then and will return it.

Can you refer me to an alternative product that will suit my purposes?

It’s really annoying the air conditioner is supposed to be rated for a max of 10 amps per the documentation but it exceeds it anyways.

The hunt continues…