ITC 1000F Controller All Digits Flashing 8

I have 2 of these units for 6 years. One controls a relay for a radiant floor system, 70d F. The second controls the same floor system but is set at a higher temp, 75d F, and is in series with a control point on a heat pump system. When the outside temp drops below 20d the heat pump calls for auxiliary heat the floor is heated to a higher temp. This info is for ref. The second unit just started all digits flashing 8s.
Nothing resets it. I got these from Amazon. I ordered another one from Amazon but when I looked on the Inkbird website for info about the flashing digits the unit is not to be found.
2 questions 1. what does the flashing display mean? 2. Is the ITC 1000F still sold and supported?

ITC-1000F is still on sale.
Please check the wiring diagram.

Please check if the voltage is correct? Are the wires loose/broken?
Please note that the ITC-1000 is available in 220V/ 110V/ 12V versions, please do not connect to the wrong voltage. The maximum current it can withstand is 10 A. Please check if the power of the heater has exceeded the limit.
If the voltage is wrong/the wire is loose/ the power is too high it may cause the display flashing.

Cannot be the voltage supply. It has been running for 6 years. It switches a relay coil , less than 1 amp.
I received a replacement unit and tried the new sensor that came with it. Did not fix the problem.
I will put the replacement in later and let you know if it solved the problem.