ITC100V controller fault?

Maybe should have simply followed supplied instructions, but instead (as an electronics amateur) followed a youtube vid which wired it up differently. When switched on display lights up etc but my unit doesnt heat up. Situation persists now have rewired as per instructions. Seems to be power going into the controller and none coming out. Does it sound like I have blown the controller?

Please check the wiring.

May I know what is the current of the SSR you are using? What is the wattage of the heater?
If the heater is connected to power separately, can it be turned on directly? Does it need to be turned on manually by pressing a button?

Thanks for your reply

Wow thats yet another different wiring diagram for this controller.

SSr current says max 40Amps
Heater wattage 1900W
The heater is wired from connections 1 and 2 from the relay
I took the switch out of the circuit - the diagrams I was following didnt have a separate switch - switch on at the mains was adequate for my needs

The previous wiring diagram is for the ITC-100VH/ ITC-100VL.
The formula for judging whether the current of the SSR meets the requirements is:
Equipment power/power supply voltage x 2.5= safe current
For example, the power supply voltage of 120V is used, and the power of the heater is 1900W
1900W/ 120V x 2.5≈ 40A
Therefore, there is no problem using the 40DA SSR.
Please check the power supply voltage.
Please test the connection according to the wiring diagram within a safe power range. When the OUT indicator of the controller is on, will the heater work?


Wired according to your diagram.
Out indicator lights red, power going to coil but doesnt heat up

I should add that I tested the coil - there seems to be resistance there - it seems as though it is the controller which is not switching the coil on

May I know is the SSR indicator light on?

There is no light showing on the SSr

If the wiring is correct, the OUT indicator of the ITC-100V will be on, but the indicator of the SSR will not be on. This is a problem with the SSR.
Please contact the seller to replace the SSR.

Something is obviously not functioning, so I will start with SSR - thankyou - I dont understand these things but hopefully can follow instructions!

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The out indicator of the ITC is red. I fitted a new SSR and there is still no function or light coming on on the SSR

There may be a problem with the ITC-100V.
May I know do you have a multimeter? Please test port #6 #8 when the OUT indicator of ITC-100V is on, does it have voltage output?
If not, please contact the seller to replace the ITC-100V.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Voltage between terminals 6 and 8 is approx one volt

Normally it will be 12V output.
If it is under warranty, please contact the seller for a replacement.
Besides, please make sure the new controller is wired correctly before powering up. If the wiring is wrong, it will cause a short circuit to damage the controller.

I know its faulty (thought so from the start) but I do not like this controller - it isnt intuitive and the instructions are poor. I was looking at the 106VH on you tube and that looks possibly a better option if I have to go new

Or I would do if I could find one here in UK - not much about

The difference between ITC-100 and ITC-106 are:
The temperature unit of ITC-100 can only be set to Celsius.
The temperature unit of ITC-106 can be set to Celsius/ Fahrenheit.
Their programming flow are different.
The ITC-100 is an industrial thermostat, suitable for a variety of heating systems.
The ITC-106 is a household thermostat, suitable for slow cooking, wine making, etc.
If you don’t have high requirements for temperature control, maybe you can use the ITC-106VH.

Struggling to find either 100 or 106 at the moment in UK. This is for a foundry - melting metals- and I need to get up to around 1000C and as long as my accuracy is within 5C I will be happy


I made an unconventional oven with two elements. I bought a PID temperatura control 106 and i can’t control the temperature. If i set it up to 50, it goes all the way to 400 degrees. If i put it to 100, it goes to 400 degrees. Do you have any tips to fix the problem i am experiencing?