ITC-1000F wiring diagram

I bought a ITC-1000F 12V controller. Wiring instructions were limited to a diagram. Contact with support resulted in a very unintuitive wiring description that still failed to answer all of my questions. They kept insisting I try the forum. I suggested that they INCLUDE DETAILED WIRING INSTRUCTIONS WITH THRIR PRODUCTS.

Is there a detailed wiring diagram on this forum?

Here’s the diagram on the unit.

And here’s what Inkbird sent me.

Sending power to one terminal of the heater by using a jumper. Then attaching the positive of the heater to what usually woukd be the negative terminal of the heater and then returning the actual heater negative back over to the power source negative. Weird.

Please understand that the diagram sent by support was suggested by one of the customers. Its viewing angle is the back of ITC-1000F. It is used because we thought it may help customers differentiate the circuits.
If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to let us know.
Please note that port #5 requires a power supply. The ‘+’ of the heater is connected to port #6.
Here is another circuit diagram, perhaps you could incorporate for reference.

Are you saying that this device was constructed in such a way that applying power source on the indicator terminals does not energize the terminals that you would normally think you would attach two wires to? Instead, in a great moment of insight, your fucking engineer decided to require the customer to add a jumper from the positive terminal of the power source to what would normally be the already energized terminal for the heater? So you want the customer to have to use a jumper to be able to use the device even though your own fucking diagram makes no mention of that at all?

Do you realize how fucking stupid that is?

And to make sure I understand this idiotic procedure, it’s not possible to simply attach the two leads from the heater to terminals five and six, correct? In fact, the negative terminal of the heater can’t even be attached to one of the terminals label “heater”. Instead, the negative lead to the heater has to be attached to the negative power source. I don’t know where your fucking engineer got his degree but that’s a fucked up way to design a product.

Jesus! You’re having to rely on a customer drawing a wiring diagram so the other customers can actually figure out how to wire the controller because the wiring diagram doesn’t include all the necessary information to make this fucking system work.

Perhaps there was a misunderstanding in our communication. The picture sent by support is an additional version drawn based on customer suggestion. It is simply schematic, used as a secondary image.
The wiring diagram I attached before can be viewed on the official website.
Please understand that on the diagram of the ITC-1000F, the circuits #5 #6 indicate that it has an internal disconnect circuit and it is not connected to power. It needs to be connected to power.

I would also feed this back to the engineers and perhaps they could consider optimising the product’s circuit diagram in the future.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Opinion here, but it needs to be stated clearly that ‘Heating and cooling terminals MUST be energized by use of a jumper from 12V battery positive terminal #1 to terminals #5 and #7. The positive leads of the heating and cooling devices should be attached to terminals #6 and #8 respectively, while the negatives leads of both should be attached to the negative battery terminal #2.”

And those instructions go all the way around your elbow to get to your thumb. Someone managed to (somewhat vaguely) explain how to set the maximum and minimum temps of the desired temperature range without ever using the words ‘maximum’ and ‘minimum’.

Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll let the engineers know.