Wiring ITC 1000 12v

I have Inkbird wiring diagrams for 110v, 220v, and 12v.

The diagrams for 110v and 220v indicate that the power supply for these must be connected to heating and/or cooling to complete the circuit.

The 12v diagram does not indicate any connection between power supply and heating or cooling.

I am assuming that the power supply connection to cooling is not required. Is that correct?

One more detail.

I am specifically using this to control my Isotherm ve150 cooling unit.

I found that the two leads from the cooling unit which I attached to the ITC 1000 could be detached and, when connected to each other, would start the cooling unit. So no power supply to the ITC 1000 cooling elements was needed.

When I connected the to leads to the ITC 1000, the connection was made and the cooling unit started.

The 110V/ 220V/ 12V versions of ITC-1000 have the same wiring method, but the power supply voltage and device power they support are different.
If you only need the cooling function, please connect the wiring of the cooling part, and the heating part does not need to be connected.