Wiring 2 STC-1000 units to 1 device - Heating & Cooling

I am wiring 2 ITC-1000F units to 1 fan. This is 110 volt setup. The fan blows air through tubes buried in the earth under a greenhouse so it will operate as a cooling device in the summer/daytime and a heating device in the winter/nighttime, working to keep the greenhouse at a consistent temperature 24/7/365. Either controller should be able to operate the fan at any given time if the parameters are met.

The wiring is straight forward with 1 controller, and this will be hardwired, but that’s somewhat irrelevant. Do you have a wiring schematic for this type of installation?

Sorry, the ITC-1000 does not have a time function, and it is not possible to connect 2 ITC-1000 units to 1 fan.