Connecting 1 fan to both ITC's and IHC's output

Hello, I was wondering if I could connect my extraction fan to both my ITC-308’s and my IHC-200’s outputs in order to make both of them able to activate it.

But I’m afraid of what both open circuit might do to the controllers, is it safe ? Is there a better/more conventional solution ? The lack of 2Male to 1Female cords on the market makes me think so…

Right now temperatures are exceeded on daytime and humidity on night time, I would need two separate extraction fans to have total control. Or a way to activate my extraction fan with both humidity and temperature sensors.

I’m thinking of putting mechanical timers on both output in order to close the circuit on daytime for the IHC and on nighttime on the ITC with a 15 mins safety gap if both open circuits is impossible. (eg. 00:00 ITC shuts down - 00:15 IHC activates - 12:00 IHC shuts down - 12:15 ITC activates)


Please understand that 2 controllers cannot control the same device at the same time. This may damage the controllers. We currently do not have a controller that meets this requirement.