ITC-1000 incorrectly programmed or wiring mistake?

I just purchased an ITC-1000 thermostat.

I have PT set at 0, TS set at 77F, DS set at 3, CF set at F, and CA set at 0. The current temperature is 91F.

I can hear a rely switch but my cooling fan does not run.

I did not connect terminals 5 and 6 because this will be used only for cooling.

Before I take the wiring apart, have I made any mistakes trying to program this thing?

I feel confidant that it is wired correctly, but will test wiring if I have not made program mistake.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Depending on your settings, the ITC-1000 will turn on the cooling output when the temperature reaches 80F, and turn off when the temperature reaches 77F.
ITC-1000 has 3 versions: ITC-1000 12V, ITC-1000 110V, ITC-1000 220V.
Please make sure the voltage of the device is correct and the current does not exceed 10A.
Please check if the wiring is correct?
If the heater is not connected, please ignore the heating wiring.
Please connect the power of ‘+’ to terminal #1, and use another wire to connect terminals #1 & #7.
‘-’ of power connected to #2, ‘-’ of cooling device connected to #2, ‘+’ of cooling device connected to #8.
Connect the probe to #3 & #4.
Please ensure that the cooler is powered on without manually pressing the button to switch it on. It has no built-in temperature control that affects the control.

Thanks for your reply.

It is a 110v unit and the fan is small, 3-4A at most.

I will never use for heating so terminals 5 and 6 will remain unconnected.

Before I take things apart to check wiring, I want to be sure I did not make a programming error.

With current settings (as shown in my first post) should the cooling fan run?

Under the current settings, if the temperature has reached or exceeded 80F, the cooling output will be turned on. So if the current temperature is 91F, the cooling indicator and cooling output will be on.
If the fan won’t turn on, please check if the wiring is correct.
Since the ITC-1000 is an on/off controller, please ensure that you do not need to manually press the button to turn on the fan after it is powered on.