Setting Heating control on ITC-1000F

My instructions are not clear on how to set the temp for heating. I would like the heater to switch on when the temperature drops to 5-degrees C, and turn off when the temperature reaches 10-degrees C. I expected that I should set the Temperature Set Value to 5 and the Difference Set Value to 5, but. this did not work. Any ideas.

The ITC-1000 works by:
When the temperature reaches/ lower than TS-DS, it will turn on the heater, turn off at TS.
When the temperature reaches/ higher than TS+DS, it will turn on the cooler, turn off at TS.
Please set TS=10, DS=5.

I found an easy solution they are in Virginia and the only thing I needed was the thermostat with the control dial I turned it to 60 degrees plugged the heater in and done. Returned the INKBIRD 3 emails all the same with celcius instructions I needed 60 f not variables, etc. It cost a little more but it has a coil on the top not digital. I try to buy US or a US company when possible this one has everything, even the digital if you need to have it specialized.