ITC-308 Factory Reset

Hello, I use a ITC-308 Wifi to control my concrete curing tanks temperature at work (with a IBS-TH1+ to confirm the temperature values). After a recent internet outage (and possibly power outage), my ITC-308-WIFI controller is reading the water temperature as approximately 25-30 C above what my IBS-TH1+ is. I checked the temperature with a reference thermometer, and it is definitely the ITC that is reading the temperature wrong. Does anyone have a way of resetting the ITC-308 back to factory settings? I’d like to eliminate the possibility that it is a software issue before getting the unit replaced.


The reading of the ITC-308 depends on the temperature detected by the probe. If the deviation is large, it cannot be adjusted by software.
Please clean the probe and cable, then use a hairdryer to dry the probe, then test the probe in the air temperature, can it read correctly?
If not, please contact, they will provide after-sales service.