ITC-306A Temp Trend Chart not updating

on 6/10/22 @ 3:00 the temp trend chart quit working and is no longer updating. Prior to that it worked as expected. Any idea on how to fix this?


Same issue

Same day

Same time

Different device (308)

Must be an online database issue

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Iā€™m having the same problem on my 306A.
The trend chart quit working on 6/10/22.
How to fix this?

Sorry to hear that :cry:.
May I know which app you are using? Is it Inkbird pro?
If possible, please provide the phone model and your country.
I will contact the engineer.

Same issue.
I setup my new ICT-308-WiFi this forenoon.
I am using InkBird Pro.
The Temp. trend chart chart shows it started at 09:15 and ends at about 10:15.
It is now 14:09, but no chart updates.
Everything else seems to work great.
How do get it going again?
iPhone 12, IOS 15.5, USA

I contacted the engineers and they replied that they had fixed the chart issue.
Could you please re-enter the chart, does it still have no data? Please make sure the ITC-308-WIFI is staying connected to the network.

I tried it just now, no change.

This is from the InkBird Smart app.
Yes, the ITC-308-WiFI as an excellent internet connection.

This is from the InkBirdPro app.

If you drag the chart of Inkbird pro app left and right, does it show new data?
In addition, maybe you can download the INKBIRD app? It is based on the Inkbird pro app update and is the latest app. Maybe it will be more stable.

As of midnight, both Inkbird apps are showing data correctly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Whats going with the Temp Trend Chart, mine disappeared

May I know which app are you using?
Please provide the product model, phone model, chart screenshot and your country.