ITC-106VH ... overheating after power outage

We use two of these controllers on the farm to heat material to 80 F during the winter. Recently we have had a couple of power outages and when the power came back on the controller reset to over 122 degrees … it is not always the same but it is always over 80 F. We had some product that was ruined and had to be thrown away - right now I can’t trust them until the problem is resolved.

I would rather they never come back on after a power outage, than overheat and cause a potential fire hazard.

It seems like there should be a setting to input a default temperature in case of a power failure.

Update - after some experimenting, I realized that I could dial in the SV that I wanted without pushing the “Set” button and it would hold the temperature, until the power was interrupted. When the power was restored the SV came on at something other than where I had dialed it in.

When I dialed in the SV and pushed the “Set” but, it locked in the SV even when the temperature came back on … sorry for the confusion.