ISC-027BW issue

Hello everyone!

After a long waiting, today I became an owner of an ISC-027BW. Yet, I
cannot say I am a happy owner, as when trying out the device, I faced
the following issue:

The fan speed is not automatic; it goes either at 100% or 0%.
Moreover, the way the device speeds up (or when goes back to 0), it
does it through a strange pulsating mode which I am showing via the
attached audio file.

Does anyone else have a similar experience?


I sent the audio to the engineers to check and they confirmed that this was the sound of the unit working properly.
Because it is pulse controlled, it has a proportional output.
For example, 20% output means that the fan is stopped for 80% of the time in 1s, and the fan is output for 20% of the time.
If possible, please provide specific information: e.g. current temperature, fan speed, graph curves, etc.
This can help us to better analyse the problem.

I already sent support two videos (links below)
It is exactly the same in the Kamado; I just speeded up the experience, given that I do not have the time to record long videos burning charcoal.
It is just behaving in a faulty way, unlike the other temp controller. I probably have to send it back for replacement.
Or is there a way to reset the device? I did not find the option. Simple unplugging or repairing with the app make no change.

VID_20230303_114306.mp4 - Google Drive VID_20230303_113943.mp4 - Google Drive



Also here is a screenshot of another cook that it does not act the way it should be. There is an anomaly in the speed in mid-way and also does not slow until reaching the target temp and sounds the strange way.

I contacted the engineers to check the video and they replied that this ISC-027BW behaves normally.
In the video, when the temperature changes, its fan speed changes, not just at 0% or 100%. It’s fan speed is gradually decreasing as it approaches the target temperature.
It calculates the next speed output according to the time of about 1 second before and after, it will adjust the speed according to the actual temperature change, so it is normal for the fan speed to change in the middle of the heating.
In addition, it actually calculates to one decimal place. However, as it is displayed as a rounded integer, when the current temperature is displayed as reaching the target temperature, it may actually be a little off, so its fan may run at a low speed for a short time until the target temperature is reached.
May I know that when smoking, it will be much over target temperature? Please take care that not to overheat the charcoal. If the charcoal heats up quickly, the temperature of the charcoal may cause the temperature to be too high even if the ISC-027BW has 0% fan speed.

It is absolutely not normal behavior; I cannot believe that an expert looked at it. My other device works normally, and it gradually decreases the fan speed, not pulsating or suddenly turning on and off. This one is not gradually decreasing the fan speed but goes down to zero through a pulsating mode, which is not OK.

I did another test this morning, and it is again proven completely faulty. There is a strange drop in the middle for 2-3 seconds, no reason why. Then later, as the temp increases, it does not lower the fan speed; it still blows at full power. It only stops when it reaches the target temp resulting in an overshoot. :frowning:

Also, when it was attached to a kamado, it started blowing at 100 percent and stopped when reached the target temperature, so all in all it overshoot cca 20% I believe I have to return his product!!!

Please understand that there is no need for me to lie about whether the engineers checked it.
May I know what the other device is referring to?
The ISC-027BW is pulse controlled. If it is within 30C of the target temperature it will go into PID control.
Could you please let me know the target temperature you set? Was the target temperature changed in the middle of the process?
According to the chart, the temperature rises very quickly from 48.9C to 60C, it is normal for the ISC-027BW to be adjusted in order to reduce the speed.
In the later stages, the temperature rises very slowly, so it will have a cumulative output ratio. Please check if the temperature drops after the first overshoot when the ISC-027BW is kept running? When it heats up the second time, does it overshoot less than the first time when it reaches the target temperature? Because the PID control is after the first overshoot, it will slowly converge to the target temperature and maintain it.
If there is indeed a problem with the device, engineers will be willing to improve the device.
Sorry for the inconvenience and looking forward to your further cooperation.

Dear Tania,
Target temp was 95C and the device was blowing at 100% until it reached it. There was no change during the process, I did not even touch the device or the phone. Even though the temp was gradually increasing, the device did not seem to have noticed it given the fact it went on full blast.
Mind you the older version, the ISC-007 handles it perfectly.
Mind you the small drop in the speed during the process, only lasted for 3-4 seconds, and if the device was considering the steep increase, it should not have switched back to 100 %.
The gradual decrease in the blowing is required not to have an overshoot effect. When using a kamado, it is even more important given that it won’t cool down quickly.
Thank you,

May I know the exact kamado model? In which position is the probe placed? Will the charcoal fire be big? Maybe I can get an engineer to run a simulation test.
The algorithm of ISC-027BW is different from the algorithm of ISC-007BW. So there may be some differences in their fan speed performance.
According to the charts, when it is close to 95C, its fan speed has dropped. Because it needs to constantly make calculations based on temperature changes, it will make initial calculations when it first works. If the target temperature is low, it may cause it to reach the target temperature very quickly. It is possible for the temperature to have a little overshoot.
Is it possible to turn up the target temperature value and let it run for 2-3 cycles for testing? Please check whether it can better maintain the target temperature after its algorithm is stabilized in the later stage? The engineers will also test it again.
Because in the engineer’s previous experiments, the ISC-027BW was able to maintain a stable temperature after the algorithm was enriched according to the actual temperature changes.

Dear Tanya,

The kamado is an 18" model, and the probe is placed on the grill above the deflector, not in the middle but not too close to the side either (the way it should be). You are right about the differences; the two devices behave differently. The 007BW works well, but the 027BW does not. Maybe it is a failure in my own device or all devices in general, but it is not acceptable that you just reiterate on and on that I am not doing things right.

1: “According to the charts, when it is close to 95C, its fan speed has dropped” - I cannot mess up 10-15 cooking until the device may or may not work the way it should be. That is not something I paid for.
2. “It is possible for the temperature to have a little overshoot” - 20%+ is not a little overshoot; should you have experience with kamado or any other bbq stuff, you would be aware of that.
3. “Is it possible to turn up the target temperature value and let it run for 2-3 cycles for testing?” - No, it is not possible. I am not in a position, and it is also far from my role in this situation to test products. Should you have sent it for free I would gladly help, but I paid for a product that is expected to work

4. I am not sure you understand, but customer service (here I refer to Inkbird customer service in case not obvious) should be here for the customer (us Inkbird product owners around the globe), not all the way around.

Unfortunately, given that it was not the first negative experience with Inkbird customer service (mainly represented by your not so solution-oriented self - i.e. “customer is never right; we won’t admit anything”) I have returned the faulty product and claimed for reimbursement.

I remain a happy user of the old temp controller and other Ibnkbird products I have purchased so far. In addition (and do not take it as an offense of negative advertisement), I purchased a FB 500 controller, and I highly recommend checking out their customer service page,

All the best,

Sorry to bring you a bad experience.
Because ISC-027BW is a new product and we have not encountered this problem so far. Product updates need to be supported by sufficient data, we trust all your data, your actual use data is of great significance to product optimization, so we hope to get more information, sorry for making this unpleasant for you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time and patient cooperation.
I have sent your oven details to the engineer and they will experiment, maybe they can identify the problem and make adjustments.
If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to let us know.
Thank you.