ISC-007BW - feature request

Hello dear InkBird people!

Greetings from Budapest, where I am a happy customer of the ISC-007BW temp controller.

I have three suggestions and I wonder if they could be implemented through software updates.

My most important concern is the lack of “open-lid detection feature”. This is really missing from the software. It would be great to have such implemented as pausing the device, then waiting to see until it comes back to temperature before starting it again, kills the whole purpose of the automated fan controlling.

The second one is about the selection of the stove size. It offers two sizes of kettles, two sizes of kamados and the WSM. This setting relates to the max fan output of either 70% or 100%. Selecting the 15” kamado the fan tops at 70%, while selecting the 22” one, the fan can reach full speed. My kamado’s size 18” (which is one of the most commonly used size) and it would be good to have an 85% fan speed option. The 70% is not the most optimal, and using the 100% option, temp gets to overshoot after which it is not easy to cool a kamado down. I would be glad to see an option to select an 18” kamado size (with 80-85% max fan output) or an option to override the max speed among the manual options.

The last one is about warning temperatures. It is a great feature that the device signals when the temperature goes over a certain level, however, you may wish to add a low-temperature warning in case the fire goes out or the charcoal load starts to significantly deplete for example.

I hope my suggestions will be taken into consideration and implementation very soon.

With kind regards,

Thanks for your suggestions, I will let the engineers know. :smile:

Hi Tania,

Thank you and please let me know how it goes.

Mind you, I also wrote to support in April 2021 and someone called Cherie responded exactly the same and I have not heard of her ever since.


Sorry, updating the device takes time to modify and test.
If possible, could you please provide the temperature difference between when the lid is opened and when the lid is closed? Or please provide a CSV file of the temperature changes and send to
This can help engineers with data analysis.
Thank you!

Dear Tania,

No offence, but I believe that a moderator of a topic should be also an expert on the subject a little bit.

When you open the lid normally there is a sudden temperature drop which the software senses and starts the fan at tops speed. It should be intelligent to differentiate between a minor drop of a couple degrees Celsius and major ones. The SW Engineers should know it plus such feature is already existing at competitor devices.

Just make sure that the message is actually passed onto them, they will know what to do if they want to.

Thank you,