ISC-007BW - software update

Hello Inkbird support!

I was wondering if there would be a software update for the ISC-007BW temp controller. I just saw in the product catalogue that a new Smoker Fan Controller, the ISC-027BW is available with open lid detection and other features the ISC-007BW does not have.
Would there be a chance to update the software of it to have such great features?


Sorry this function cannot be upgraded through the app. This function can only be implemented by the ISC-027BW.

Dear Tania,

Did you happen to have the opportunity with the developers, or is this just sort of an auto-response, forcing customers to buy the new products and abandon what is ceased to be further supported?

Thank you,

Sorry, the functionality of the app depends on the functionality of the device itself. As the ISC-007BW itself does not support open lid detection function, the app cannot add this function either.
The ISC-027BW is based on the ISC-007BW and has been updated by collecting customer suggestions, so it is designed with this function in itself.

Dear Tania, thank you for not understanding as usual.
Anyways, I am working on another solution, managed to get the right contact.

Hi Akos
Did you get a fix for this?
I cant see why the firmware cant be updated as an open lid can be detected by sudden temperature loss on probe 1 which is all firmware.

Hello Ant,
Unfortunately there was no tangible support, so I returned the device and got a refund.
All the best,