Operating fan speeds isc-007BW

does the fan ever do variable spped as it approaches target pit temp? Or does it just have an 100% or 0% capability? I have it set to a 22" kettle and it seems to only go 100% until temp prob hits target temp. then it goes to 0% til the temp drops below the target. Then it goes back to 100% fan. This type of operating insures overshoot of target temp. I have used other devices that have gradual decrease of fan speed once within a certain range of target temp. The documentation for this device doesnt mention their operation procedure so I have to just guess. Thanks for any info

In auto mode, the ISC-007BW is automatically calculating the % output based on temperature changes.
Did you open the lid of the oven during the cooking process? Did you pause the ISC-007BW when opening the lid?
Because if the temperature fluctuates a lot, it may also affect the calculation of ISC-007BW.

When I opened the lid I paused the fan. Should the fan % b anything other than 100% or 0%, because that’s all it did. Even at 1° below target pit temp it would blow at 100%. Is that what it’s supposed to do?

What is the difference between pausing the fan on the unit itself with a “long click” and switching to “off” on the app? Are they the same function or are they different? Is this explained somewhere online because it isn’t mentioned in the user manual.