Operating fan speeds isc-007BW

does the fan ever do variable spped as it approaches target pit temp? Or does it just have an 100% or 0% capability? I have it set to a 22" kettle and it seems to only go 100% until temp prob hits target temp. then it goes to 0% til the temp drops below the target. Then it goes back to 100% fan. This type of operating insures overshoot of target temp. I have used other devices that have gradual decrease of fan speed once within a certain range of target temp. The documentation for this device doesnt mention their operation procedure so I have to just guess. Thanks for any info

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In auto mode, the ISC-007BW is automatically calculating the % output based on temperature changes.
Did you open the lid of the oven during the cooking process? Did you pause the ISC-007BW when opening the lid?
Because if the temperature fluctuates a lot, it may also affect the calculation of ISC-007BW.

When I opened the lid I paused the fan. Should the fan % b anything other than 100% or 0%, because that’s all it did. Even at 1° below target pit temp it would blow at 100%. Is that what it’s supposed to do?

What is the difference between pausing the fan on the unit itself with a “long click” and switching to “off” on the app? Are they the same function or are they different? Is this explained somewhere online because it isn’t mentioned in the user manual.

Hi there.
Just purchased my own device. I have the same problem… the fan is either 100% or 0%.
More reasonable would be that device set it to e.g. 35% fore more even temperature. Right now it jumps up and down 10 degrees between 125 - 135 degrees Celsius.

Nothing, huh? Is this a known problem?


I too am searching for answers on this issue. I’m on my 2nd unit now, the first displayed this behaviour on my first cook using it. Ran perfectly for around 8 hours, varying the fan speed and maintaining perfect pit temp control before it decided for no good reason to do the 0% to 100% toggle.

On the next cook it simply refused to drive the temp up to my setpoint but rather would start to wind back the fan speed to maintain 250F regardless of the setpoint. I had no choice but to run the fan in manual mode which kinda defeats the entire purpose of this controller! The replacement unit is now doing the same thing :frowning:.

I’m at a loss to understand why this thing behaves in this way. The lack of information in the manual or on the InkBird website is staggering. It’s such a shame, it could be great.

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I have a nice long screen recording video showing how the fan on the isc-007 only uses fan at 100% or 0% and in the process creates temp swings around 30ºF, shooting well above and below the target grill temp. Whatever the program is that directs the 007’s fan to operate is not very smart or dynamic.

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I have tryed with and without the phone, every setting, and the problem persist. If you cut the power the problems goes away (for like an hour). The Fan works at medium speeds when its just plugged in, but after an hour it start with de 0 to 100 problem. it just randomly start, opening the lit its not a trigger of the problem. The software have a bug and needs to be updated ASAP. its and expensive thing.

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It seems to be a common issue; I have it as well. Only resetting the device helps, but that is sort of a sub-optimal solution.
If the device is paused (either via phone or the main button), the 0/100 issue starts.
Unfortunately, the support here is not able to provide any tangible solution; after 2-3 automatic responses, they stop communicating.
I guess the software development for this device is over, it has not changed since I bought the device in 2021.
We either change to another brand (although I like it despite the useless support) or live with it.