ISC-027BW False probe detections


I am trying my smart controller today for the first time but I am getting crazy off all the false probe detects and disconnects the app keeps sending me.
I attached the oven probe and probe 1 for the core temperature of the meat.
From the moment the controller is online it keeps sending false alerts about probes 2 and 3. The result at the moment is that I have disabled the alerts on my phone. It goes on, and on, and on. The cook needs another 5 hours.
For testing I connected all the probes but this does not change a thing.
What am I doing wrong? Why am I getting alerts for probes that are not even connected or lid open alerts while the lid closed?

Please help!

May I know whether you use Bluetooth connection or WIFI connection?
Could you provide the country, phone model, phone system, order information, and problem video to email

Thanks Inkbird!
After providing some information it seems there was a problem with the unit and they sent me a new device immediately.
I tried it and now it works. Great support en great service