ISC-027B probe issue / Bluetooth question

Good Afternoon,
I have used my Smoke controller a hand full of times. 2 of the meat Probs have quit working.

I have tried to reach out to C/S with no return Emails or Calls. I also Thought you could control this via Bluetooth and not have be linked to Wifi… I am Trying to use the unit while not on Wifi.
Any help would be great…

ISC-027BW can be connected via Bluetooth. Please download INKBIRD app and select ISC-027BW - Bluetooth.
When connecting, please make sure your phone’s Bluetooth and location functions are turned on. The phone is not connected to other Bluetooth devices.
Regarding the meat probe issue, do you mean their readings are off? If yes, please test using this method:
Please put the probe and probe’s cable (excluding the probe’s plug) in a 150C (302 F) oven for 30 minutes, then test it with boiling water (please hang the probes and do not let it touch the container). Can it work?
Please note that the cable of the probe (silver wire) is not waterproof. Please do not immerse the cable in the water when washing the temperature probe.
Otherwise, it will show an incorrect temperature if there is water in the cable.
Please do not put the probe/the probe’s cable in the fire or place it at which temperature higher than 250C/482F. Otherwise, the probe and the cable will be damaged.