IPB-16S GFCI doesn't want to work

I have an IPB-16S that to use with my brewing setup.

I have tried it in numerous outlets (all verified to be good with appropriate tools) including GFCI and non-GFCI. Almost all cases the unit will not enable when plugged in - reset won’t turn it on. I have gotten it to turn on once when plugged into kitchen GFCI (where I do brewing) and it lasted for about five minutes.

Given this is on multiple outlets, and even without anything plugged into the controller, I feel the GFCI is probably dead.

May I know is this your first time using it?
Could you please let me know the voltage of the power supply you are using?
What is the wattage of the heater and pump?

This is the first time.

120V mains
1650W heater (13.75A)
12W pump (0.1A)

Please note: this happened without anything plugged into it and the unit off.

Is there possible to provide a video to show this problem and order information? Please send the details to support@inkbird.com.
These can help us better analyze the problem and provide after-sales service.