Inkbird BBQ ibt-6xs will not turn on

I have a 3 Year Old Inkbird BBQ ibt-6xs. I use it occasionally.
Two weeks ago I used it and it worked flawlessly on the battery.

This weekend I tried to use it and would not turn on. When I attach the charging cable the light on the unit illuminates. When I hit and hold the power button it does not turn on. When I unplug the power source, the light goes out and still will not start.

Please help.

Maybe you could try using a computer to power it for 1-2 hours, does it work?

@Tania thanks. I tried that and it did not help.
I opened up the 3 year old unit and the circuit board was corroded. I was very disappointed that it was bad. I don’t remember getting it wet.

Sorry to hear that :cry:. I will collect the issue to the engineers.
Please make sure the device is not placed in a high temperature environment.
If there is a large temperature difference, it may cause moisture to be produced.
Please kindly understand that the IBT-6XS has a one year warranty. Perhaps you can contact by email? They may check if there is a model with a discount for you.