IBBQ-4BW not powering on

I have a new IBBQ-4BW that is new out of the box. I have it fully charged and was able to pair it to bluetooth. After the pairing was successful, the 4BW powered off and is not powering back on. I have tried plugging it using the provided usb cable and unplugged but the device will not power on. I even tried removing the device from the app but no luck on powering it back on. Any thoughts on this one?

Thanks in advance.

Update - Emailed support. They got all the information and confirmed that the product is faulty out of the box. However since i had the product sitting in the sealed box for a long time, I was told the warranty has expired and was told to re-purchase the product.

Since this is a new product faulty out of the box, this seems to be just shoddy quality product and there is no support to back it up.

Sorry to hear that.
Just to confirm, did the IBBQ-4BW shut down due to exhaustion of battery? Or shut down when there is power? If it is the latter, please press and hold the power button for 80 seconds. It will restart the device. Will it work?
In addition, please understand that the IBBQ-4BW does not support the use of fast chargers for power supply. Please use 5V, 1A charger.

The IBBQ-4BW had a full charge and was powered on before the pairing. After the pairing with bluetooth was successful it abruptly shut down and does not power back on. Also the IBBQ-4BW did not pair with my 2.4GHz wifi.

As for the cables, i tried different non-fast charging cables but that did not work. Also the provided cables works on my other compatible devices. So this is not an issue with the cable.

I tried the 80 second power button hold with and without cable and it did not help either. The IBBQ-4BW did not respond.

There might be a problem with its battery.
Please attach this link and contact support@inkbird.com via email for after-sales service.
Thanks for your cooperation in advance.

I will try. Thanks, hopefully we can work this out.

I tried it and as expected I was directed to buy another sub-par product.

“ Hello,

If the product still cannot work after testing:

The product may have some problem.

And your product has exceeded the one-year warranty period, we suggest that you can buy this product again and now the product page are discount activities.

Here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08LN5JGJR



Same problem here.
Used it for almost a year without any problems.
Today it was half full charged.
So i charged it.
Then it started up and suddenly it shut down and won’t start up again.
It seams completely dead.
Is it possible to change de lithium battery?