Inkbird Smart BBQ wont turn on

I have 2 years old Smart BBQ thermometer, now is not turning ON anyone have tips?
I charged and if i connect to charger it turns ON and OFF works perfect. But if i disconnect from charger doesn’t turn ON.

Battery problem ? anyone have same problem ?


May I know the model number of the BBQ thermometer?
If you use a computer to charge the BBQ thermometer, can it work?

Hello Tania, Model : IBBQ-4T
Yes if i connect to charger or pc(charger) it works and turns ON.

Just to confirm, if it charges through the computer, it works too. But after charging for a while, disconnecting the charging cable and pressing the button it won’t turn on?
If yes, it may be a battery issue.

Maybe, battery goes so fast dead ? I just used maybe 10x in 2 years.


I replaced the battery, no result. So something else is broken. They offered me a new one for half the price.