IPB 16S for 220V in Europe

I live in Europe and I bought the IPB 16S for my heating element of 2000W and an Iwaki pump from my brewery. The seller wrote to me I only have to use a transformer for going from 110V to 220V but I don’t believe this is correct. The mump did work indeed but after starting the heating element, it went wrong an I think I blew op the transformer.

Can somebody tell me what I should do in order to make this work?


Sorry, the IPB-16S only has US version. The GFCI plug can only use 120V :cry:.
Heat:15A for 120 VAC (1800W)
PUMP: 8A for 120VAC(resistance load)
Please do not use 220V power supply.

It is still usable in Europe if:

  • you put a transformer between the controller and the net to go from 230v to 120v
  • you put an adapter (from a computer f.i.) and a solid state relais between the controller and the heating element.
  • you put the heating element on te 230v network
    The only disadvantage (I think) is the complexity of it all and the fact that there is a delay between the controller and the heating element.