InkBird ITC-100 VH. RUN & STOP

I modify electric pizza ovens, I replace the mechanical thermostats with InkBird ITC-100 VH.
I tried to figure out the RUN parameter, but I couldn’t do what I need, probably I don’t understand how it works and how to configure it.
What I need is this:
The thermostats and the timer are already set from the previous session at the required temperatures and at the necessary time, the used temperatures are very high, around 500°C.
I turn on the oven with the general button, the internal light turns on and the two thermostats turn on which will start to show the detected temperature but they MUST NOT START the heating process, they must remain ON HOLD until I manually give a start command.
Basically I would need something like a Start and Stop command to activate the thermostat output.
Can someone help on this? Any suggestion are really appreciated

Maybe you set RUN to 0 (manual)?
Manual inhibit means cannot change the output value manually which can only control by controller automatically.
Automatic means control output by controller automatically.
Manual means you can change the output of the controller manually (Output percentage value)
Please refer to the detailed instruction manual:

Thank you for your email Tania,

I guess I was not clear in my request since you answered something other than my question.

I have read your pdf file a lot on time, but sorry to say that the “RUN” setting ins not so clear.

I wrote both in the forum and also directly to SUPPORT, now I don’t know where your answer comes from, for safety I am reporting the entire message sent to ‘’

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