IIS-800-WIFI Adapter Outside?

It says unit can be used indoors or outdoors, but the adapter only has 2 pins so cannot be plugged into a weatherproof PowerPoint??

Maybe you can use a plug converter? Please understand that the power adapter is not waterproof.

Thanks Tania, but then why does it say it can be used indoors or outdoors? I would suspect that it would be fine where I’m planning to put it, as it’s under the house eaves wouldn’t get direct sun at all, and into a weatherproof PowerPoint, but as mentioned, without a 3rd pin I cannot plug it in.

Using an adapter will mean water could ingress, plugging it directly would be fine as weather proof power points are pointed on a downwards angle here.

Can be used outdoors means that if the controller is installed with the waterproof case, it is waterproof and can be used outdoors.
Because the power adapter is connected to the power outlet, it is dangerous if water enters the power outlet. Therefore, please install the power adapter in a dry place.