IIC 800 WIFI won't power on

I powered down my controller over the winter as I didn’t need to water. Now that I am trying to go back to using my sprinklers, I cannot get the device to power on. I have checked the transformer and it is putting out 29V. Does anyone know what to do to wake this device up? Did it go into a deep sleep or something? BTW I also have an IIC 600 WIFI that is doing the same thing… both units are completely dead.

Just to confirm, are you using the original power adapter?
The power supply voltage accepted by IIC-800-WIFI and IIC-600-WIFI is 24VAC, 1A.
Do you have a 24VAC, 1A power supply? If there is, it can be directly connected to the IIC-800-WIFI/IIC-600-WIFI power port AC24 Port (+ and -) for testing. Or do you have other adapters with 24VAC, 1A output to test?
If they still don’t work, please provide photos of the problem and order information to email support@inkbird.com.