IIC-600-WIFI power connect hardwire

Is it possible to hardwire the 24V/1A power supply to the unit, rather then using the provided plug?
If yes, where exactly should the power + and - be connected? Can you show a diagram?

I have a 24V1A power supply wired to the place of installation.

If you don’t want to use a power adapter, please connect the 24VAC, 1A power supply to AC24 Port (+ and -). Please note that it does not support DC power.

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Thank you!
Sure, it should be AC power.
If I don’t use a rain sensor and I wire directly the power as you wrote, I should leave the jumper wire between S and -24, correct?

And just to be sure: dc power + wire goes to VAC+ port, and - wire to 24- port?

Edit: corrected AC and DC

Please note that it is 24VAC, 1A power, not DC power.
If you don’t use a rain sensor, the jumper wire between S and -24 doesn’t need to be removed.
Please connect the power 24VAC+ to 24VAC+ port, power 24VAC- to 24VAC - port.

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