iiC-800-Wifi Water Pump Connection

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I link to intergrate water pump with iiC-800-Wifi to switch on/off which is 240/440v. Provide more information and instructions on connecting. If any realy required provide the details ,product and connection information.

Also if required how to trigger all valves at a time? Since its 1Amp how it will handled all the valve controller amp requirement ?.

what will happen if any internet distrubense during scheduled time ?

Appericate your earliest reply and guidence.

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Please note that the IIC-800-WIFI can only be connected to 24VAC, 1A water valve. It does not support 240/440v water valve.
Please refer to the wiring diagram:

It is not possible to open the ports at the same time, it opens them in sequence.
If the network is interrupted, it will continue to operate according to the previous settings.

Hi Tania,

Thanks for your reply. To make It clear, I am panning to on/off pump which is 240/480v as mentioned below using replay. Share the supported replays and connecting instruction.

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