IBT-4XC No bluetooth connection with IOS 15.3.1

My IBT-4XC works perfect on my old iphone with IOS 12.5.5.
Now I have a new Iphone with IOS 15.3.1 and now I can’t get no bluetooth connection.
Install 2 times the BBQ go app and off/on my phone. It still not working.

If you delete the IBT-4XC on the old phone and then pair it on the new phone, will it be successful?
Please make sure that the Bluetooth and location functions of the new phone are turned on, and that the new phone is not connected to other Bluetooth devices.
Details: Q&A: How to connect the BBQ GO Bluetooth thermometer? (BBQ GO APP)
Will the Bluetooth indicator of the IBT-4XC show up? Can the new phone search for the IBT-4XC signal?

Thank you for your reaction. I found the “problem”. Via apple Setting I open the BBQ go app and activite bluetooth.


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