Q&A: How to connect the BBQ GO Bluetooth thermometer? (BBQ GO APP)

These steps are applicable to the BBQ thermometer model: IBT-2X, IBT-4XS, IBT-6XS, IBT-4XC, IBT-4XR, IBT-4XP, IBT-2XB

Please search for BBQ GO through Google play/ APP store and download it. Please note that it is not BBQ GO PRO.
When installing, please make sure that all permissions of BBQ GO are allowed.
Please open BBQ GO for pairing. Please do not perform pairing through the Bluetooth connection page of the mobile phone.
When connecting, please put the BBQ thermometer next to the phone. Please turn on the phone’s Bluetooth and location functions. Please make sure that the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is not connected to other Bluetooth devices.
(Since the Google policy up-gradation of SDK (Software Development Kit) to the latest version 26, it is necessary to launch the GPS to tag your position for scanning Bluetooth device, which is applicable to the version starting from 23.)


  1. Open the BBQ GO APP
  2. Turn on the BBQ thermometer
  3. It will show ‘start’ under the phone screen.
  4. Press the ‘start’, the Bluetooth icon on the BBQ thermometer will flash. After searching for the Bluetooth signal of the BBQ thermometer, it will prompt you to press the button of the BBQ thermometer.
  5. Press the button of the BBQ thermometer, it will show ‘done’ under the phone screen.

Note: IBT-4XS uses a touch button, please press the touch button on the front of the screen.