IBS-P02R Wireless Pool Thermometer

I am finding battery life has become shorter and shorter, latest timeframe several weeks?

May I know exactly how many weeks?
What type of battery are you using? If you use non-rechargeable alkaline batteries, does it also drain quickly?
Is it possible to provide the ambient temperature where the IBS-P02R is placed?
Also, please check if there is any water ingress into the IBS-P02R.

3 weeks! Only using Duracell Alkaline non-rechargeable, in my Hot Tub set 102 degrees, no water ingress that I see?

Bob Scheible

Could you please email support@inkbird.com with order information and a link to this post?

I’m also having this issue with an IBS-P01B. The first set of AAA batteries I used were alkaline batteries and these lasted 2 months. The next set of alkaline batteries lasted 2 days and now I used a fully charged set of NiMH batteries and these lasted 2 days as well.

I can’t see any water ingress and the pool temperature is 27-30C.

Please provide order information and problem description to email support@inkbird.com for after-sales service.

I can only get 3 days battery life on my floating thermometer IBS-P02R

Please check if the batteries are non-rechargeable. Please understand that some rechargeable batteries have lower voltage, which may not meet the requirements of the IBS-P02R.
Please check if there is any water inside the IBS-P02R.
If everything seems fine, please provide your order information and a description of the problem to support@inkbird.com for after-sales service.

No, they are fresh everready. The unit showed full charge when I first put them in, then just went down in 2 1/2 days till dead

Tony Stoddard

This is the reply I received on my problem. No solution…

Thanks for your contact and sorry for any inconvenience.

As you mentioned, IBS-P02R-O(The transmitter) will be out of the Batteries soon.

In order to provide better customer service, would you please describe the problems in detail that you met while using our products?

Please try to use brand batteries to the transmitter and test the room temperature.

  1. Is the IBS-P02R-O always stuck in the oil skimmer?

2 What is the ambient temperature where the transmitter is placed? Is water corrosive?

  1. Have you tried using non-rechargeable alkaline batteries?

4.Could I know will the IBS-P02R-I(The receiver) will happen in the same situation?

Please understand that identifying product issues may require specific information, and it may take some time. Your patience and cooperation would be greatly appreciated.
The IBS-P02R has a one-year warranty. If support confirms that there is an issue with the product, they will provide the next solution.