IBS-M2S Trying to set an audible alarm

Hi, I’m trying to find a way to set up the Inkbird app so that my phone or tablet rings instead of simply receiving a silent notification when a temperature alarm is set off. By default, the app makes the Wifi-gateway ring and sends a noiseless notification to my device. What I want is for my phone or tablet to ring or make a sound instead.
I assume this can be done via automation, but when I check the functions for IBS-M2S on the app, everything is written in Chinese.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Could you provide your phone model?
Please check whether the ringtone function is turned on? Under normal circumstances, it will have the default ringtone of the mobile phone. For example, if it is an iPhone, it will have an alert sound once.
Sorry this alert sound is not supported to change currently.
I will feedback to the engineer about the automation function.