IBS-M2 The WIFI icon has disappeared

The app stopped working and the WIFI icon disappeared from the display. I tried rebooting but still nothing. My router is fine. There is an OK icon on the thermometer in the pool, but the main display only shows the internal temperature, and nothing can be set without a connection. 5 - 8 seconds the fuse does not respond. Two months after purchase, the device worked fine.

Photo ( https://photos.app.goo.gl/5fdTWrdSCHCijSRw9 )

Just to confirm, if you press and hold the WIFI button on the top of IBS-M2 for 3-5 seconds and then wait for 5-8 seconds, will the WIFI indicator light appear?
If not, please provide order information and video to support@inkbird.com via email for after-sales service.