IBS_M2 shown as offline in the Inkbird App although the device display shows full Wifi signal

My IBS_M2 is frequently shown to be offline in the Inkbird app although the device display itself is showing full Wifi signal connection.
Anyone any idea what’s the issue and how to solve it?
I already have reset the device but no change. I get frequently a day the message that the device is offline and now and then it is shown as online in the app but as said always shown as fully connected on the device display :frowning:

Please understand that different devices have different signal reception capabilities. Perhaps you could test the IBS-M2 by placing it next to the home router in order to completely rule out if the signal is the cause?
Please make sure that the router does not have a limit on the number of devices connected.

Hi Tanja, thx - the number of devices for the router is OK.
Even placing the IBS-M2 directly next to the router does not provide me a signal strength of more that -73dB.
What I am always experiencing is the following pattern: after restarting the IBS-M2 and hence a new connection to the router the update of the app is running smoothly starting to deteriorate over time (disconnecting messages first once a day, then every other hour and finally no updates at all anymore) - so quite weird.

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