IBS-M2 does not start to link wi-fi

I have an IBS-M2 device. This device is linked to my iPhone via Wi-Fi. One day, I noticed that the IBS-M2 went offline. I tried to reconnect by pressing the Wi-Fi switch on the IBS-M2 for 8 seconds more, but the Wi-Fi indicator did not blink. When I pressed the switch, I heard a beep sound, so it seems like the switch is functioning. Once I turned off the power, the Wi-Fi indicator remained off.
How can I reconnect the IBS-M2 to Wi-Fi?

Please provide a video showing long press on the WIFI button for 8 seconds, the IBS-M2 will beep but the WIFI indicator on the IBS-M2 will not flash.
Please send the video and order information to support@inkbird.com.

Thank you. I send a short video to suppoert@inkbird.com. And they agreed to send replacements.