IBS-M1 Gen 2 Falls Short

I just installed an IBS-M1 Gen 2 to replace an older IBS-M1 Gen 1 gateway. Wow!! What a difference between the interfaces of both devices. The thing that annoys me the most is that the Gen 2 battery indicator only displays a dumb icon that doesn’t actually show the percentage of battery life remaining like the Gen 1 device did. Why??? Is there any way to enable it that I’m missing, or are we once again at the mercy of a coder at InkBird to program that as a new “feature” 2 years from now?? And no, I still can’t set a specific order of the sensors other than enabling them in the order that I want to see them. I requested that enhancement years ago, but is it available yet? NO!! Even though it was supposedly added to the list of features years ago, it’s still not there. InkBird, are you listening!?!?!?! If so, please stop ignoring your customers!!

And to make matters even worse, now the battery icons all show as being 100%, and I know that several sensors are below 80% of battery life remaining. WHY!?!?!

As long as I’m discussing the short comings of the app using the Gen 2 gateway, why is it that the Device Name can only be about 15 characters? Gen 1 didn’t have that problem, and it was shown at the top of each sensor instead of at the bottom in small type.

And why is there even a temperature and a humidity icon taking up so much room to the left of each sensor listing? That space could better be used for the Device Name and to make the temperature and humidity values larger.

Overall, this is a very bad design layout for the sensors.

Any assistance that anyone can provide on how to turn on the battery percentage would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!